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Bengu, the founder of Pilates@BN1, discovered Pilates during her quest to alleviate shoulder and back pain caused by cervical kyphosis condition. Her personal transformation through Pilates led her to become a certified STOTT Pilates ® instructor, driven by a passion for sharing the method’s body alignment techniques.

Bengu has trained with renowned master and lead instructor trainers from Merrithew ™ across different countries such as Canada and the USA, ensuring her skills are constantly updated to provide top-notch instruction for her clients. With years of experience as both a practitioner and instructor, Bengu brings invaluable insights to the industry.

Bengu’s expertise extends to diverse needs, offering support for pre/post-natal care, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, sports injuries, and more, while also providing tailored athletic conditioning classes.

Bengu’s personalised Pilates sessions cater to your needs, supporting well-being and recovery. Join her Pilates journey for pain relief, injury recovery, condition management, or simply to boost your fitness — discover the remarkable benefits together!


Pilates, for Elda, is a celebration of movement that we use to achieve well-being in body, mind and spirit. What started as a hobby, became her passion, and then took over as her career. Not content with simply certifying as a Comprehensive Pilates Instructor, she is continually drawn to an ever-deeper study of anatomy and exercises.

Elda enjoys working with clients of all ages, abilities and experience. Seeing their transformation reaffirms her belief in Pilates’ benefits. Interacting with them leaves space for reciprocal growth. “This development creates a positive energy we can both use to face change and to achieve our goals”.


Leyla, a multi-talented professional – pharmacist, dancer, and certified Pilates expert. Her journey into Pilates began as a dancer, enhancing her grace and alignment. But it was an injury that changed her path, leading her to become a Pilates teacher. Trained by Sandro Alves, a direct disciple of Joseph Pilates, Leyla earned her comprehensive Pilates certification. She’s also specialized in Pilates Suspensus, prenatal Pilates, Pilates for seniors, and spinal health. Leyla’s passion for Pilates shines in her 1:1 and group classes, making her a valued member of the Pilates@BN1 team. Pilates isn’t just her work; it’s her lifestyle.


Certified in Pilates, Yoga, and Personal Training with a degree in Sport, Physical Education, and Coaching Science, Steffi – a former track athlete – discovered her passion for anatomy and mindful movement post a serious sports injury. Her classes embody a holistic approach, emphasizing alignment and precision. Steffi encourages clients to have fun and find joy in movement, ensuring they leave feeling more confident and uplifted. Her motivation lies in witnessing clients benefit from Pilates, driving her continual skillset expansion. 


Niamh’s journey into Pilates began as a means of rehabilitating her body following a serious back injury, where she experienced a remarkable reduction in pain. This transformative experience sparked her passion for teaching. Drawing from her background in dance, Niamh’s teaching emphasizes alignment, fluidity, and strength. She completed her reformer training with STOTT Pilates, known for its meticulous attention to detail. Niamh’s love for flexibility training shines through in her classes, ensuring a nourishing stretch at the end to leave you feeling your best.


Colette is a professional dancer trained at the UK’s leading contemporary dance conservatoire, NSCD. She dances with Ceyda Tanc Dance and MANA DANCE and also coaches dance fitness, strength, and Barre classes.

Her Barre classes offer an upbeat, full-body workout, combining classical ballet and dance training to target small muscle groups. The sessions blend toning exercises with cardio, flowing seamlessly with high repetitions to build strength and flexibility.

Niki Georgiou

Niki possesses specialized training in the renowned APPI Pilates method, meticulously crafted by physiotherapists and widely implemented in healthcare facilities worldwide, particularly in rehabilitation settings.

In addition to her role as a Sports Massage Therapist, Niki embraced a new opportunity as a Physiotherapy Assistant in the esteemed Musculoskeletal Department at Imperial College Hospital London. In this capacity, she adeptly taught Pilates-based exercises to both individuals and groups, playing an integral role in their comprehensive rehabilitation programs. It was during this period that Niki discovered her passion for guiding others through exercise and subsequently pursued formal Pilates Instructor training.

By seamlessly integrating her background as a Massage Therapist, Physiotherapy Assistant, and Pilates Instructor, Niki offers a distinctive repertoire of skills tailored to support you throughout your personal rehabilitation journey.

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