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Studio Classes

Experience the ultimate in personalized Pilates training through our exclusive bespoke studio sessions. Delve into a tailor-made program meticulously crafted to suit your unique needs. Immerse yourself in the exceptional environment of our state-of-the-art Studio 1, equipped with a wide range of Pilates apparatus, including the Cadillac, Reformer, Tower, Stability Chair, barrels, and various smaller equipment. With a maximum capacity of three clients per session, our studio sessions provide an intimate setting, allowing you to relish the ambiance while benefiting from the diverse Pilates equipment available.

Dynamic Core Fusion Classes

Designed to strengthen your core and overall body strength and stamina, Dynamic Core Fusion combines the precision of reformer Pilates with invigorating routines to energize your body.

Pilates Sculpt Classes

Join our dynamic classes for targeted muscle strengthening and overall body conditioning. Experience a comprehensive Pilates workout that promotes balance, flexibility, and core stability.

FlexFit Fusion Classes

Strengthen and Stretch at Pilates@BN1! Join our FlexFit classes for a fusion of strength-building and flexibility-enhancing exercises. Attain greater flexibility and strength in a supportive and energizing environment. Perfect for all fitness levels.

Barre Fit

Step into BarreFit, where elegance meets endurance. Our dance-inspired classes engage your entire body, enhancing posture, flexibility, and core strength. Suitable for all fitness levels, our welcoming community and expert instructors ensure you leave feeling balanced and invigorated. Discover the joy of movement with BarreFit!

Rebound Pilates Power Classes

Experience the power of rebounding on the cardio tramp in this energetic Pilates class. The bouncing and jumping movements provide a low-impact yet highly effective workout that improves cardiovascular fitness, strengthen muscles, and enhances overall body strength and control.

BarreReform Fusion Classes

Experience the perfect fusion of barre workouts and Pilates Reformer exercises in our BarreReform classes. Discover the dynamic movements and high energy routines of barre, combined with the strength building and flexibility-enchanting benefits of the Pilates reformer.

Trial Sessions

Ready to experience the difference? Try our trial sessions! Easily book a class of your choice through our app and experience our studio firsthand before committing to a bundle. With a single session priced at £22, explore our offerings and discover the perfect fit for your fitness journey. Take the first step towards your wellness goals today!

Private Sessions

Discover a personalised Pilates journey with our private sessions at Studio 1. Our private sessions boast a  full range of top-tier equipment — Cadillac, Reformer, Tower, Stability Chair, barrels, and more. Customised for 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 sessions, connect with us via email to harmonise your schedule with our timetable.

DynamicBalance Fusion Classes

Dive into our distinctive Fusion classes, blending dynamic movements with exercises to fortify core strength, coordination, and balance. Suitable for all levels, experience a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Reformer Discovery Session

Embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of the reformer machine and the art of reformer exercises, preparing you for group sessions. Indulge in the flexibility of booking these sessions individually.

10% Welcome discount for all new clients